Update 3.4

Make sure to update to our latest version 3.4. This update brings Play-by-Play filtering, Season stat filtering, PDF export for ALL stat tables, and more!

Update 3.3

Another update has landed for iStatVball 3. Now 0-3 Pass ratings are back by popular demand. Also PDF exports of Summary reports for every analysis level from sets, to seasons, to a whole career!

Update 3.2

Another big update is now live on the App Store and Google Play! Update 3.2 brings editing of the play-by-play either after the match or even live between rallies. There’s also now integration with Varsity Bound (QuickStats), as well as a ton of important fixes throughout the app. Make sure to update right away!

Update 3.1

A new update is now available. It includes great new features like PDF export of Box Scores and stat editing, as well as lots of fixes, so make sure to update right away!

Update 3.0.5

A new update is live. Update 3.0.5 adds the ability to enter stats from paper for those times when you forgot your device and had to resort to tally marks. This update also fixes the dreaded “end set freeze” that some users were experiencing. Make sure to update to this latest version, and let us […]