Update 3.10

You can now create your own Custom Reports! Use any combination of stat categories and any combination of stat tables, charts, and graphs. Then export it all to perfectly formatted PDF. If you haven’t made the move to iStatVball 3 yet, now is the time!

Update 3.9

You can now export beautiful, full-color, PDFs of all your favorite charts and graphs. This includes Shot Charts, Heat Maps, Trend Graphs, Bar Graphs, and Momentum Charts!

Update 3.8

iStatVball 3 now has Trend Graphs and Bar Graphs! These reports give you exciting new ways to measure progress, visualize your stats, and compare players and the team. Make sure to get Update 3.8 right away!

Update 3.7

Update 3.7 is now available and adds Momentum Charts for visualizing the ebb and flow of scoring during a set. You can also now analyze by lineup, venue, arbitrary match combinations and more. And you can customize colors for your organization, opponents, and venues!

Update 3.6

Lots of new stat reports (Scoring, Playing Time, and more). Group and analyze tournaments by Day. Several bug fixes, especially for Legacy recording. Make sure to update right away!