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Volleyball Stats

After over 10 years as the #1 volleyball stats app, an entirely new iStatVball has arrived.

Patent pending RallyFlow™ recording system


Uses the most intuitive stat entry method of all… the volleyball court itself!

Easy to learn

No need to know esoteric stat rules, even a volleyball novice can take NCAA compliant stats.


Powerful AI engine ensures more accurate stats and greater consistency between statisticians.

Faster input

Adjustable stat detail level lets you keep up with even the fastest paced matches.

Simpler interface

Eliminates the hundreds of complex buttons found in most other stat entry systems.

More stats

Every ball contact is recorded for both teams allowing deeper stats analysis than ever before!

D1 college stats at a fraction of the cost and learning curve

You now have access to the same stats found in software used by elite Division 1 college programs except at a fraction of the cost and learning curve. If your opponent has these stats and you don't… you're at a disadvantage!

Shot Charts
Easy to read shot charts for all ball contacts. Visualize set distribution, pass location, and of course hitting and serving. View charts by individual player or for the team as a whole. Chart individual sets, matches, or an entire season. Full opponent shot charts as well!

Opponent Stats
All the same stats and charts you have for your team you also have for the opponent. Except broken down by rotation rather than player. See your opponent’s tendencies and weaknesses in real-time during the match! Where’s their weak spot on serve receive? Where are they most likely to hit?

Heat Maps
See your statistics broken down by court area. What area of the court is your team hitting most effectively to? Where is your opponent passing worst? View maps by individual player, team, or opponent. Customize the detail level. View cumulative maps by set, match, or season!

Comprehensive Stats
All stats can be broken down by player or rotation. Full sideout stats for both teams. Analyze cumulative stats by tournament or entire season. Track career stats across multiple seasons or across multiple teams. Cumulative and career shot charts and heat maps as well!

Advanced Stat Tables
Easy to read stat tables with sorting, locking columns, and more. Expandable rows allow you to drill down deeper into your data. Have a weak rotation on serve receive? Expand to see exactly which player is the cause. View any stat by player or by rotation.

Real-Time Stats
All stats and charts are available in real-time during the match. Don’t settle for stats 24 hours later. Good coaches know you need stats on the bench to make the best in-game decisions. You can even view stats on your device while a statistician is recording stats elsewhere!

Unmatched features and support

Fully cloud based

Your valuable stats are automatically backed-up. Never lose your data again! Move seamlessly between devices, from tablet to phone, iOS to Android, your device to someone else’s.

Legacy recording

Are you an existing iStatVball 2 user anxious about the change? No problem, the full v2 recording interface is available in v3!


Full integration with MaxPreps. Upload match stats directly from your device, no need for a computer in between.

Intuitive interface

Easily organize your data by school/club, age group, and season. Great for multi-team schools and clubs. Quickly pre-create lineups with the Lineup Builder.

iStatVball 2 Import

Import all your data from v2 and take advantage of many of the new v3 features. Now you can get career stats for all your old teams!

Helpful support

Concise tutorial videos directly within the app. Responsive email support available whenever you need it.

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