What's the best way to get started?

We strongly recommend checking out some of the tutorial videos found in the Help toolbar menu within the app or on our YouTube channel. In particular, make sure to watch at least the RallyFlow™ Low and Medium detail level videos.

Start recording with the Low detail level until you feel comfortable, and then you can move up to Medium. Make sure to get some practice in with a scrimmage or video before your first live match!

Can I import my stats from iStatVball 2?

Absolutely. In fact, your old data can take advantage of many of the new features of iStatVball 3 including cloud based data syncing and backups. You can also for the first time analyze real career stats across all your seasons. Check out the Importing Stats tutorial video to get started.

Is a network connection required?

You do not need an internet connection to record stats! Some tasks like setting up your team, deleting data, and using live/sharing features do require a connection. But recording stats can be done entirely offline. If you’re in an area with weak connectivity, we recommend turning on ‘Airplane Mode’ so the app knows to run in offline mode.

How do I stat a "setter out" ball?

If you’re recording with RallyFlow™ using the default Medium detail level, the second ball contact is automatically attributed to the setter. If someone other than the setter sets the ball, do a quick swipe instead of a tap to bring up the player select menu, then choose the correct player. They will be credited with the assist if appropriate.

How do I print a PDF of my stats?

To output a stat report, tap the ‘Analyze’ button for the Match in question, then select the desired report. Tap the blue export button in the toolbar. You can then email the report wherever it needs to go. Email it to yourself to save or print the attached PDF as needed.

How do I export to MaxPreps?

To export a match to MaxPreps, first make sure the match has been ended. Then tap the export button in the lower right corner of the match card and choose ‘MaxPreps’.

Can I exclude non-league matches from season stats?

Yes, to exclude non-league matches when analyzing your season stats, tap Analyze on the season card, then select a stat category. Next tap the filter button in the toolbar, then in the League menu uncheck “Non-League”, then tap Filter.

How do I change/upgrade my subscription level?

On iOS, you can manage your subscription under iOS Settings-> Apple ID-> Subscriptions. On Android, you can mange your subscription under Google Play-> Subscriptions. If you subscribed on our website, or your change is not being recognized by the app, please contact us directly.

How do I handle a 6-2?

When substituting players, the player subbing in will inherit the position of the player they’re replacing. If you’re running a 6-2 (and use Auto Set with Legacy recording, or Medium Detail with RallyFlow), you’ll want to label your starting Opposite as a Setter (S) so that they’re automatically credited with set assists. In this way, you don’t have to manually change their position for every substitution.

How do I record a block?

With the RallyFlow default Medium detail level, you only need to select the player(s) for a block contact if the contact results in a point (block or error). You will be prompted to select the player(s) at that time. To indicate a block, first tap in the translucent block zone where the contact occurs, then tap wherever the ball goes next. Tapping out of bounds would indicate an error. Tapping on the opposing court then out of bounds, or long pressing on the opposing court, would both indicate a block.

How do I start a new season?

Tap the “Add New Season” card to create a new season for the desired team. When creating the season, you can optionally tap the Import button in the upper-right to import players, opponents, tournaments, and more from the previous season. This will copy the name, jersey number, photo, etc as a starting point. You can then make edits for the current season without affecting prior seasons. Players imported in this way will automatically be linked for career stats.

How can I force a match to end?

If you accidentally tapped End Set rather than End Match in the last set of your match, the match may still be showing as “in-progress”. In this case, you can force the match to end by tapping Edit on the match card, then tapping the small lock button in the lower-left. Conversely, if you ended the match too early, you can re-open the match in the same way.

Tutorial Videos

Version History

Here's a roadmap of where iStatVball 3 has been since it launched. Look how far it's come!

Version 3.10

Custom Reports!

  – Build your own custom dashboards

  – Use any combination of stat categories

  – Choose from any combination of stat tables, charts, and graphs

  – Use separate dashboards for your team and opponents

  – Export beautiful full-color PDFs

Improved season import

Lots of new video tutorials

Version 3.9

Chart and Graph export!

  – Full-color PDF exports for all your favorite charts and graphs:

      – Shot Charts

      – Heat Maps

      – Momentum Charts

      – Trend Graphs

      – Bar Graphs

Version 3.8

Trend graphs!

    – See trends for your team and players by:

        – Match

        – Tournament

        – Season

    – Available for almost all metrics

    – Compare player vs team progression

    – Easy to read Legend

    – Long press on the graph to see detailed values

    – Use the report filter to isolate players

Bar graphs

    – A great way to visualize your stats!

    – Available for every stat table

    – View by player or rotation, your team or the opponent

Ready for next season!

    – Easily import your roster, opponents, etc from this season into your next season

    – Players automatically linked for career stats

Timeout countdown timer

Version 3.7

Momentum Charts!

    – Visualize the ebb and flow of scoring for any set

    – Great for tracking momentum and morale

    – Does your team start slow? Do you give up runs of points?

    – Easily see the effect of substitutions and timeouts on your momentum 

    – Just analyze any set, then tap Trend Graph

New ways to Analyze

    – By Lineup

    – By Opponent

    – By Venue

    – By Statistician

    – By any combination of matches!

Custom colors!

    – Choose your Organizations’s color and have it shown throughout the app

    – Choose colors for your Opponents

    – Choose custom court colors for your Venues. Make them match the actual courts!

        – Choose wood or color “sport court” tiles

        – Specify inner/outer court colors as well as the line color

Version 3.6

NEW Stat Reports!

    – Scoring

        – Earned Points

        – Unforced Errors

        – Point Differential

        – Plus/Minus

        – By Player or Rotation

    – Playing time

        – Time

        – Points

        – Touches

    – Serving

        – Points per rotation

    – Hitting

        – Kill %

        – Error %

Group and analyze Tournament matches by Day

Multiple Legacy recording fixes

Version 3.5

FREE Video Sync features!

    – Link your stats to a match video

    – Use one video for an entire match, or separate videos for each set

    – Use local videos from your device Photo Album

    – Use remote videos from anywhere you have direct access to the file:

         – Vimeo Pro

         – Google Drive

    – Slow/Fast forward and reverse video playback

    – Restrict access for players/parents

Video sync filtering

    – Use the Play-by-Play log to jump directly to ANY ball contact in the video

    – Filter the PbP to quickly jump to the video clip you’re looking for

    – Filter by team, rotation, player, action, result, court location, and more!

Post-Match Sync Tool  (iPad required)

    – For the ultimate in accuracy, use the new Sync Tool to take stats from video after-the-fact

    – Use the RallyFlow interface right alongside the video on the same device

    – Adjust playback speed as needed while maintaining accurate video sync

    – Fast-forward between rallies, pause and rewind when needed, use slow motion, etc

MVPCast integration (separate subscription required)

    – Sync to video recorded with MVPCast

    – All the same sync features listed above

Multiple fixes and optimizations throughout the app

Version 3.4

Play-by-Play filtering

      – Filter by team, rotation, player, action, result, court location, and more.

Season stat filtering

     – Filter by league, scrimmage, score format, home/away, and more.

PDF export for ALL stat tables

Re-sync data from Season Home

Edit match opponent and tournament after-the-fact

Multiple fixes throughout the app

Version 3.3

0-3 Pass Ratings

      – Back by popular demand!

      – Choose between 0-3 and 0-4 under Settings

      – Affects everything from stat import, to recording, to analysis, to editing

Summary PDF exports

      – Same nicely formatted PDFs as for Box Scores

      – Except now available for sets, tournaments, and seasons

      – And for career stats too!

Support for unlimited substitutions (NAIA rules)

New tally stat editing detail view

Lots of fixes throughout the app

Version 3.2

Edit Play-By-Play Stats

      – View a detailed play-by-play log for any completed set

      – Edit the play-by-play directly with an easy to use interface

      – Change players, ratings, modifiers, selectors, and faults

      – Works for Legacy recording too

      – Note that you can -not- currently change the rally itself

Edit Stats Live

      – Edit the play-by-play directly in the recording interface live during a set!

      – Great for making corrections during the break between rallies

      – Easily fix a setter out play, change a rating, switch an attack to free, etc

Varsity Bound Integration

      – Direct integration with Varsity Bound (QuickStats)

      – Easily upload your match data with just a few taps

Photos now display while offline

Multiple fixes for Legacy recording

Lots of misc fixes throughout

Version 3.1

Export Box Scores

– Export your Box Score reports and email them wherever they need to go.

– Nicely formatted PDF files are great for viewing or printing.

Edit stats

– Missed an ace? Gave too many digs? No problem!

– Now you can easily edit tally stats for any completed set.

– Adjust core skill stats up or down and have your stat reports update instantly.

Enter stats from paper

– Forgot your device and had to resort to tally marks on paper? No problem!

– Easily input paper stats to keep your season and career stats accurate.

Add matches to a tournament (or remove them) at any time.

Version 3.0

Official launch of iStatVball 3.

This is only the beginning!

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